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Replacing Property Taxes: Key Issues
Type : Public Presentation
Dated: 02/17/2016 Categories: School Finance & Education , Property Tax , Sales Tax , Meeting Handouts
Files: ReplacingPropertyTaxesKeyQuestions_2_17_16.pdf (316 KB)  
TTARA 2/17/16 Policy Briefing at the Capitol - The Property Tax Swap: What's Really Involved?
Oil Driller's Lawsuit Could Cost Texas Billions in Tax Refunds
Type : News Article
Dated: 01/30/2016 Categories: Sales Tax
Files: TxTribune_OilDrillersLawsuitCouldCostState_1_30_16.pdf (353 KB)  
Observations on the Property Tax in Texas
Type : Public Presentation
Dated: 01/27/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: BettencourtCommitteeTestimonyonPropertyTax_1_27_16.pdf (546 KB)  
Presentation by Dale Craymer to the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief
Storm brewing over use of new state homestead exemption
Type : News Article
Dated: 01/04/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: StormBrewingOverNewHomesteadExemption_1_4_16.pdf (296 KB)  
Chairman Bettencourt promises a collaborative review of property tax reform
Type : News Article
Dated: 12/04/2015 Categories: Property Tax
Files: HoustonChron_BettencourtPromisesCollaborativeReviewofPropertyTax_12_3_15.pdf (240 KB)  
Analysis: Shifting Numbers in Your Property Tax Bill
Type : News Article
Dated: 10/15/2015 Categories: Property Tax
Files: TxTribune_ShiftingNumbersinPropertyTaxBill_10_15_15.pdf (155 KB)  
84th Senate Interim Charges Part V: Finance; Business and Commerce
Type : Other Document
Dated: 10/14/2015 Categories: Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax , Fiscal Policy , Other Taxes
Files: Senate_Interim_Charges_84_pt5.pdf (122 KB)  
84th Senate Interim Charges Part IV: Health and Human Services, Transportation
Type : Other Document
Dated: 10/13/2015 Categories: General
Files: Senate_Interim_Charges_84_pt4.pdf (128 KB)  
84th Senate Interim Charges Part III: Education, Higher Education, Intergovernmental Relations
Type : Other Document
Dated: 10/12/2015 Categories: School Finance & Education
Files: Senate_Interim_Charges_84_pt3.pdf (471 KB)  
84th Senate Interim Charges Part II: Criminal Justice, Veteran Affairs and Military Installations, and Subcommittee on Border Security
Type : Other Document
Dated: 10/09/2015 Categories: General
Files: Senate_Interim_Charges_84_pt2.pdf (346 KB)