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Legislators’ idea of incentive reform looking a lot like Abbott’s
Dated: 04/21/2015 Categories: Economic Development
Files: Statesman_LegislatorsLooktoReformIncentivePrograms_4_21_15.pdf (439 KB)  
Business Groups Praise House Sales Tax Cut Plan
Dated: 04/15/2015 Categories: Sales Tax , Franchise Tax
Files: TxTribune_BusinessGroupsPraiseHouseTaxCutPlan_4_15_15.pdf (451 KB)  
Short on Votes to Tighten Spending Cap, Senate Built a New One
Dated: 04/14/2015 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: TxTribune_SenateVotestoTightenSpendingLimit_4_14_15.pdf (434 KB)  
Texas' Leading Business Groups Support House Tax Cut Plan
Dated: 04/08/2015 Categories: Sales Tax , Franchise Tax
Files: JointAssociationReleaseSupportingHouseTaxCutPlan_4_8_15.pdf (61 KB)  
Lawmakers at odds over best way to cut taxes
Dated: 04/09/2015 Categories: Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax
Files: HoustonChronicle_LawmakersatOddsOverCuttingTaxes_4_9_15..pdf (1 MB)  
House leader proposes major school finance reform
Dated: 04/08/2015 Categories: School Finance & Education
Files: HoustonChronicle_HouseLeadersProposeSchoolFinanceReform_4_8_15..pdf (2 MB)  
House proposal would hand Texas businesses $2.4 billion tax break
Dated: 04/04/2015 Categories: Sales Tax , Franchise Tax
Files: Chronicle_HouseProposesTaxRelief_4_4_15..pdf (835 KB)  
Associations Send Open Letter on Senate Tax Plan
Dated: 03/20/2015 Categories: General
Files: AssociationOpenLetteronSenateTaxPlan_3_20_15.pdf (31 KB)  
Lawmakers may partly close tax loophole draining local government coffers
Dated: 03/21/2015 Categories: Property Tax
Files: HoustonChronicle_TaxLoopholemaypartlyclose_3_21_15..pdf (2 MB)  
Big business disses state Senate tax plan
Dated: 03/21/2015 Categories: General
Files: SanAntonioExpressNews_BusinessGroupsDissSenateTaxPlan_3_21_15.pdf (866 KB)