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Taxes and Economic Competitiveness
Type : Public Presentation
Dated: 11/15/2017 Categories: Economic Development
Files: EconomicCompetitivenessCommitteeTestimony_11_15_17.pdf (636 KB)  
Presented to the House Committee on Economic Competitiveness November 2017
Credit Human $8.8 million incentive package at Pearl provokes skepticism
Type : News Article
Dated: 09/23/2017 Categories: Economic Development
Files: CreditHuman$8.8millionincentivepackage_9_23_17.pdf (949 KB)  
Wrap-Up for the 85th Legislature: Taxes and School Finance
Type : Newsletter
Dated: 08/30/2017 Categories: School Finance & Education , Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax , Fiscal Policy , Other Taxes , Economic Development
Files: 85thLegislativeSessionWrapUpReport_8_17.pdf (1 MB)  
Chapter 313 in Texas puts energy fight in the school yard
Type : News Article
Dated: 04/28/2017 Categories: Property Tax , Economic Development
Files: EnergyInsider_Chapter313FightinTx_4_27_17.pdf (1 MB)  
Senate panel weighs future of state’s tax abatement law
Type : News Article
Dated: 04/18/2017 Categories: Property Tax , Economic Development
Files: Statesman_SenateWeighsFutureofTaxAbatementLaw_4_18_17.pdf (771 KB)  
How does Governor Abbott counter a Texas Enterprise Fund threat? Showing off the payoff
Type : News Article
Dated: 04/18/2017 Categories: Economic Development
Files: DMN_TexasEnterpriseFundThreat_4_18_17.pdf (2 MB)  
Texas job engine shuts down without economic development incentives
Type : News Article
Dated: 04/13/2017 Categories: Economic Development
Files: StarTelegram_TexasandEconomicIncentives_4_13_17.pdf (1 MB)  
Commentary: Complacency is economic kiss of death
Type : News Article
Dated: 04/03/2017 Categories: Economic Development
Files: StatesmanCommentary_ EconomicKissofDeath_4_3_17.pdf (742 KB)  
Study: Texas' biggest tax break program is mostly a waste of money
Type : News Article
Dated: 03/15/2017 Categories: Property Tax , Economic Development
Files: HoustonChronicle_BiggestTaxBreakProgram_3_14_17.pdf (1 MB)  
Texas giveth, Texas taketh away: State enterprise fund making companies work for it
Type : News Article
Dated: 02/14/2017 Categories: Economic Development
Files: DMN_TexasSharpensClawbacksonIncentives_2_14_17.pdf (3 MB)