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Craymer: Cutting taxes by raising taxes?
Type : News Article
Dated: 09/23/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: StatesmanOpEd_CraymerCuttingTaxesbyRaisingTaxes_9_23_16.pdf (577 KB)  
Energy prices will tax Texas budget
Type : News Article
Dated: 09/16/2016 Categories: General
Files: Palestineherald_TexasBudgetImpactedbyOilDownturn_9_16_16.pdf (2 MB)  
Texas braces for budget cuts as economy, Medicaid, spending decisions collide
Type : News Article
Dated: 09/01/2016 Categories: General
Files: DMN_TexasBracesBudgetCuts_9_1_16.pdf (2 MB)  
Municipal Utility Districts in Texas have sweeping power to sell bonds, levy taxes
Type : News Article
Dated: 08/22/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: HoustonChronicle_PowerofMunicipalUtilityDistricts_8_21_16.pdf (387 KB)  
John Kennedy: Protesting your home appraisal is only the first step to lowering property taxes
Type : News Article
Dated: 08/12/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: DMN_LoweringYourPropertyTaxes_8_12_16.pdf (77 KB)  
Want a lower property tax bill? Protesting your home’s appraisal is just the first step
Type : News Article
Dated: 08/11/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: OpedTruthinTaxationAug2016.pdf (461 KB)  
For Immediate Release: Truth-in-Taxation: Taking the mystery out of homeowner property tax bills
Type : Press Release
Dated: 08/04/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: PR_TruthinTaxation_8_4_16.pdf (380 KB)  
Truth-in-Taxation: The Guide to How Property Tax Rates Are Set
Type : Newsletter
Dated: 08/03/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: TTARAResearchReportTruthinTaxation_8_16.pdf (800 KB)  
TTARA Research Report August 2016
Comptroller: Texas lags nation in job growth
Type : News Article
Dated: 07/26/2016 Categories: General
Files: HoustonChronicle_ComptrollerTxLagsNationinJobGrowth_7_26_16.pdf (1 MB)  
TTARA 2016 Annual Meeting Two-Day Agenda
Type : Meeting Handouts
Dated: 07/12/2016 Categories: General
Files: 2016AnnualMeetingAgenda_Final.pdf (211 KB)