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TTARA Honors Gene Doss with 2017 Del Threadgill Award
Dated: 12/05/2017 Categories: General
Files: 2017ThreadgillAward.pdf (484 KB)  
Republican officials spar over Harris County tax policies
Dated: 12/01/2017 Categories: General
Files: HoustonChronicle_RepublicanOfficialsSparOverHarrisCountyTaxPolicies_12_1_17.pdf (320 KB)  
Texas comptroller eases estimate of state cost to address Harvey damage
Dated: 12/02/2017 Categories: General
Files: TexasComptrollerEasesEstimateofStateCosttoHarvey.pdf (168 KB)  
Abbott weathering political storms in addition to natural disasters
Dated: 10/24/2017 Categories: General
Files: HoustonChron_Abbottweatheringstorms_10_24_17.pdf (378 KB)  
TTARA Welcomes Matt Migliore to the TTARA team
Dated: 10/20/2017 Categories: General
Files: TTARAPRMattMigliore_10_20_17.pdf (476 KB)  
Hegar: Harvey response will strain Texas budget, shouldn't slow economy
Dated: 10/11/2017 Categories: General
Files: Hegar_HarveyResponseWillStrainTexasBudget_10_11_17.pdf (307 KB)  
Texans hit by Harvey losing out on tax break in legislative fiasco
Dated: 10/05/2017 Categories: General
Files: TexansHitbyHarveyLosingOutonTaxBreak_10_5_17.pdf (353 KB)  
Why Won't Governor Abbott Tap the Rainy Day Fund for Harvey Relief?
Dated: 09/28/2017 Categories: General
Files: AbbottonRainyDayFundforHarvey_9_28_17.pdf (612 KB)  
TTARA brief outlines state and local government fiscal options for Hurricane Harvey recovery
Dated: 09/29/2017 Categories: General
Files: PR_HurrricaneHarveyReport_9_17.pdf (490 KB)  
Report: State faces $8 billion budget gap in two years
Dated: 08/11/2017 Categories: General
Files: HoustonChronicle_TexasFacesBudgetChallenges_8_10_17.pdf (495 KB)