The Texas Taxpayers and Research Association (TTARA) is a nonprofit membership organization of businesses and individuals interested in state and local fiscal policy in Texas and how that policy impacts our economy. Our membership is composed primarily of businesses and trade associations that represent businesses and professions. They include the entire range of economic sectors and activities in Texas and share a common belief that all participants in our state’s economic life have a stake in determining its future.

TTARA members operate in every part of Texas; they employ and provide incomes to thousands of Texans; they produce or provide every type of good or service Texans consume; and, they provide a huge portion of the revenue that supports public services at every level of government.

TTARA’s exclusive focus is the nexus between public fiscal policy and private business activity.

We provide our members with current information and high quality analysis of developing tax and spending issues. We provide educational services to our members and opportunities for them to network and meet with public policymakers. And we advocate changes in public policies where they are necessary to improve the state’s fiscal practices and business climate.

TTARA Research Foundation

The TTARA Research Foundation is an affiliated research and educational entity that conducts independent research related to economic, fiscal and public policy issues. Foundation reports are provided to policymakers and the general public, in addition to TTARA members, and can be found in the Publications portion of this site.

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