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Uncertainty lingers for Texas, other states with federal deficit deal
Posted: 08/02/2011
Tax Wrap-Up for the 82nd Legislature
Posted: 07/25/2011
The "New Normal" for School Districts?
Posted: 07/14/2011
Texas lawmakers played a bad hand well
Posted: 06/26/2011
Gov. Perry Calls A Special Session for May 31, 2011
Posted: 05/31/2011
Comptroller Raises Revenue Estimate As Sales and Oil Production Tax Projections Increase
Posted: 05/17/2011
Senators roll out not-so-new revenue ideas
Posted: 04/20/2011
Debate over Texas economic incentive funds likely to lead to more study than action
Posted: 04/18/2011
A Texas-Sized Budget Problem Deferred — to Now
Posted: 04/18/2011
Senator: We need to fix business tax
Posted: 04/06/2011