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Finance chair: balancing budget is tough because of 'structural deficit'
Posted: 04/06/2011
School tax breaks at risk
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Posted: 03/31/2011
Job Loss Report Splits Lawmakers, Lobbyists
Posted: 03/31/2011
Fiscal expert says LBB jobs analysis ‘not a valid comparison’
Posted: 03/30/2011
TTARA President Dale Craymer's Letter to Chairman Pitts Concerning the "Dynamic Economic Impact Statement" of CSHB 1
Posted: 03/29/2011
Texas senators begin hunt for cash to plug budget gap
Posted: 03/23/2011
This isn't your 2003 budget shortfall
Posted: 02/21/2011
TTARA February Newsletter: Budget Challenges Loom
Posted: 02/16/2011
What's at Stake in the Texas-Amazon Fight Over State Sales Taxes?
Posted: 02/16/2011