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There's no sunshine here -- it's a rainy day
Posted: 02/14/2011
State report suggests reducing tax breaks on some natural gas drilling
Posted: 02/03/2011
Texas' budget challenges could persist beyond 2011
Posted: 02/01/2011
List of Senate Committee Assignments for 82nd Legislature
Posted: 01/28/2011
TTARA Briefing on the Texas Budget Situation
Posted: 01/26/2011
An Overview of Taxes in Texas
Posted: 01/26/2011
TTARA presentation to legislators and staff.
Senate likely to follow House spending plan
Posted: 01/25/2011
Senate budget a tad higher than House's
Posted: 01/25/2011
No new taxes, but fees aplenty in budget plan
Posted: 01/21/2011
Is it time to tap Texas' rainy day fund?
Posted: 01/17/2011