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Lawmakers may partly close tax loophole draining local government coffers
Dated: 03/21/2015 Categories: Property Tax
Files: HoustonChronicle_TaxLoopholemaypartlyclose_3_21_15..pdf (2 MB)  
Big business disses state Senate tax plan
Dated: 03/21/2015 Categories: General
Files: SanAntonioExpressNews_BusinessGroupsDissSenateTaxPlan_3_21_15.pdf (866 KB)  
Texas’ rainy day fund overflows — and divides legislators
Dated: 03/21/2015 Categories: General
Files: DMN_RainyDayFundDividesLegislators_3_21_15.pdf (1 MB)  
Big business to Patrick: We don’t like your tax cuts
Dated: 03/20/2015 Categories: General
Files: statesmanarticle_bigbusinessmessagetosenate_3_20_15.pdf (274 KB)  
Otto makes case for altering rainy day fund cap
Dated: 03/19/2015 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: StatesmanArticle_AlteringRainyDayFundCap_3_18_15.pdf (513 KB)  
Senate panel OKs average tax break of $206 for Texas homeowners
Dated: 03/18/2015 Categories: Property Tax , Franchise Tax
Files: DMNArticle_SenatePanelOksAverageTaxBreak_3_18_15.pdf (1 MB)  
Senate Tax Cut Plan Draws Criticism
Dated: 03/05/2015 Categories: Property Tax , Franchise Tax
Files: TxTribune_SenateTaxPlanDrawsCriticism_3_5_15.pdf (125 KB)  
Inventory vs. franchise taxes: Texas lawmakers weigh priorities for proposed business tax cuts
Dated: 03/05/2015 Categories: Property Tax , Franchise Tax
Files: austinbizjournal_iventoryvsfranchisetaxes_3_5_15.pdf (105 KB)  
TTARA Statement Regarding Senate Tax Relief Proposals
Dated: 02/24/2015 Categories: Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax , Other Taxes
Files: TTARAPressReleaseSenateLeadershipTaxReliefProposal_2_24_15.pdf (204 KB)  
House leaders say they envision $4 billion in tax relief
Dated: 02/24/2015 Categories: General
Files: StatesmanArticle_HouseLeadersTaxRelief_2_24_15.pdf (230 KB)