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Lawmaker pitches bill to overhaul school finance system
Dated: 01/13/2015 Categories: School Finance & Education
Files: HoustonChronicle_LawmakerPitchesSchoolFinanceChanges_1_13_15..pdf (1 MB)  
Revenue estimate heartens lawmakers seeking tax relief
Dated: 01/13/2015 Categories: General
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Diversity pays: As energy jobs fall in Texas, public-sector jobs grow
Dated: 01/10/2015 Categories: General
Files: DMNArticle_DiversityPaysOffTxJobGrowth_1_10_15.pdf (1 MB)  
Texas' business incentive programs need reforms, panel says
Dated: 01/07/2015 Categories: Economic Development
Files: HoustonChronicle_BusinessIncentivesNeedReforms_1_6_15..pdf (1 MB)  
Patrick pledges "tax cuts"
Dated: 01/06/2015 Categories: General
Files: HoustonChronicle_PatrickPledgesTaxCuts_1_5_15.pdf (1 MB)  
Legislature 2015: Push will soon be on at the Capitol to make manufacturing work in Texas
Dated: 12/29/2014 Categories: General
Files: DallasBusinessJournal_PushtomakeManufacturingWork_12_29_14.pdf (104 KB)  
Prospects for Texas tax cuts dim as oil price drops
Dated: 01/04/2015 Categories: Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax , Other Taxes
Files: DMNArticle_ProspectsforTaxCuts_1_4_15.pdf (2 MB)  
Tax relief figures high on legislative budget priorities
Dated: 12/06/2014 Categories: General
Files: ChronicleArticleonTaxRelieffor84th_12_6_14.pdf (579 KB)  
Capitol will be battleground over education this session
Dated: 12/05/2014 Categories: School Finance & Education
Files: ChronicleArticleonEducationBattle_12_5_14.pdf (324 KB)  
Tighter Spending Cap May Keep Billions Out of Budget
Dated: 12/05/2014 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: txtribunearticleontighterspendinglimit_12_5_14.pdf (398 KB)