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Is the Texas Miracle on ice? What low oil prices mean for us
Dated: 04/21/2016 Categories: General
Files: StarTelegram_TTARAOpEdonLowOilPrices_4_21_16.pdf (464 KB)  
The truth behind the Texas Miracle
Dated: 04/17/2016 Categories: General
Files: HoustonChronicle_TruthBehindTexasMiracle_4_17_16.pdf (546 KB)  
Lawmakers expect budget impacts as oil slump puts 'Texas miracle' on ice
Dated: 04/17/2016 Categories: General
Files: LubbockJournal_LowOilImpactonBudget_4_17_16.pdf (68 KB)  
Multiple Lawsuits Could Spell Budget Doomsday for State
Dated: 04/01/2016 Categories: General
Files: TxTribune_LawsuitsandOilPrices_4_1_16.pdf (180 KB)  
Can't Pay For 'Texas Miracle' With Cheap Oil, Gas
Dated: 03/30/2016 Categories: General
Files: NGIShaleDaily_LowOilandTexasEconomy_3_30_16.pdf (94 KB)  
Report: Oil price slump costs Texas 65,000 energy jobs — and 250,000 overall
Dated: 03/30/2016 Categories: General
Files: DMNArticle_LowOilPriceImactonTexas_3_30_16.pdf (324 KB)  
Oil and gas price drop has the ‘Texas Miracle’ on ice
Dated: 03/29/2016 Categories: General
Files: PR_WhatLowOilPricesMeantoTexas_3_29_16.pdf (393 KB)  
Billions At Stake for State in Tax Challenge
Dated: 03/08/2016 Categories: Sales Tax
Files: TxTribune_BillionsatStakeforState_3_8_16.pdf (419 KB)  
Oil Driller's Lawsuit Could Cost Texas Billions in Tax Refunds
Dated: 01/30/2016 Categories: Sales Tax
Files: TxTribune_OilDrillersLawsuitCouldCostState_1_30_16.pdf (353 KB)  
Storm brewing over use of new state homestead exemption
Dated: 01/04/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: StormBrewingOverNewHomesteadExemption_1_4_16.pdf (296 KB)