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TTARA Briefing on the Texas Budget Situation
Dated: 01/25/2011 Categories: General , Fiscal Policy
Files: TTARALegislativeBudgetBriefing1_25_2011.pdf (468 KB)  
An Overview of Taxes in Texas
Dated: 01/26/2011 Categories: Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax
Files: TTARALegislativeTaxBriefing2011.pdf (373 KB)  
TTARA presentation to legislators and staff.
Tax Alternatives and School Finance: Presentation by Dale Craymer to the Select Committee on Public School Finance Weights, Allotments & Adjustments
Dated: 05/19/2010 Categories: School Finance & Education
Files: TaxAlternativesandSchoolFinancePresentation.pdf (92 KB)  
TTARA Principles of Sales Taxation (Feb. 10, 2010 Ways & Means Committee Hearing)
Dated: 02/10/2010 Categories: Sales Tax
Files: principlesofsalestaxation2_10_10.pdf (33 KB)  
TTARA President Dale Craymer's Response to a May 28th Austin American Statesman Article " Business Tax Bringing in $4 Billion Less Every Biennium"
Dated: 06/04/2010 Categories: Franchise Tax
Files: DCStatesmanLetter_5_28_10.pdf (98 KB)