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How does Texas stack up when it comes to income, property tax?
Type : News Article
Dated: 11/08/2017 Categories: Property Tax
Files: HoustonKPRC_TexasIincomevsProperty tax_11_8_17.pdf (72 KB)  
Abbott weathering political storms in addition to natural disasters
Type : News Article
Dated: 10/24/2017 Categories: General
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Average Austin property tax bill hits $7,600, up $517 from last year
Type : News Article
Dated: 10/22/2017 Categories: Property Tax
Files: Statesman_PropertyTaxBillsinAustinGoingUp_10_20_17.pdf (444 KB)  
Local Government Has No Incentive To Reappraise Your Home After Harvey Damage
Type : News Article
Dated: 10/20/2017 Categories: Property Tax
Files: HoustonPress_NoIncentiveforReappraisal_10_20_17.pdf (545 KB)  
TTARA Welcomes Matt Migliore to the TTARA team
Type : Press Release
Dated: 10/20/2017 Categories: General
Files: TTARAPRMattMigliore_10_20_17.pdf (476 KB)  
Hegar: Harvey response will strain Texas budget, shouldn't slow economy
Type : News Article
Dated: 10/11/2017 Categories: General
Files: Hegar_HarveyResponseWillStrainTexasBudget_10_11_17.pdf (307 KB)  
2017 TTARA Annual Meeting Agenda
Type : Meeting Handouts
Dated: 10/10/2017 Categories: Meeting Handouts
Files: Nov30_Dec1_AnnualMeetingAgenda.pdf (120 KB)  
Texans hit by Harvey losing out on tax break in legislative fiasco
Type : News Article
Dated: 10/05/2017 Categories: General
Files: TexansHitbyHarveyLosingOutonTaxBreak_10_5_17.pdf (353 KB)  
Credit Human $8.8 million incentive package at Pearl provokes skepticism
Type : News Article
Dated: 09/23/2017 Categories: Economic Development
Files: CreditHuman$8.8millionincentivepackage_9_23_17.pdf (949 KB)  
Why Won't Governor Abbott Tap the Rainy Day Fund for Harvey Relief?
Type : News Article
Dated: 09/28/2017 Categories: General
Files: AbbottonRainyDayFundforHarvey_9_28_17.pdf (612 KB)