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Economic Development in Texas: Programs and Incentives
Dated: 10/19/2011 Categories: Property Tax , Sales Tax , General , Franchise Tax , Fiscal Policy , Other Taxes , Economic Development
Files: TTARAEconomicDevelopmentReportOctober2011.pdf (1 MB)  
A report by the TTARA Research Foundation.
TTARA Research Foundation Releases Property Tax Relief Study - Press Release
Dated: 08/14/2008 Categories: General
Files: TTARA Press Release $7 Billion Reality.pdf (1 KB)  
Property Tax Relief: The $7 Billion Reality - A Report by the TTARA Research Foundation
Dated: 08/14/2008 Categories: General
Files: Property_TaxReliefReport_08_08.pdf (1 KB)  
TTARA Research Foundation Symposium Brochure - Symposium on the Texas Property Tax - May 20, 2008
Dated: 03/26/2008 Categories: General
Files: Brochure_PropertyTaxSymposium.pdf (1 KB)  
The Texas Franchise Tax and Location of Payor: Untangling the Issues
Dated: 04/12/1997 Categories: General
Files: TexFranchiseTax_Pubs_04-12-97.pdf (1 KB)  
Property Tax Rates, Tax Burdens and Appraisal Ratios, 1995-96
Dated: 03/15/1997 Categories: General
Files: PropertyTaxRates_Pubs_03-15-97.pdf (1 KB)  
Cause and Consequence: The Economic Consequences of Changing the Law on Causes of Action in Oil and Gas Disputes
Dated: 01/01/2001 Categories: General
Files: Cause_Consequence_1-01.pdf (1 KB)  
Forms of Business and the Texas Franchise Tax
Dated: 04/01/2003 Categories: General
Files: FormsofBus_TexFranchiseTax_4-03.pdf (1 KB)  
The Telecommunications Industry in the Texas Economy and Tax State
Dated: 05/01/2005 Categories: General
Files: TelecommunicationsIndustryTexas_5-05.pdf (1 KB)