Research Reports
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TTARA Research Report: Texas Budget Challenges Are Not Over
Dated: 08/10/2017 Categories: General
Files: August2017TTARABudgetResearchReport_Final.pdf (1 MB)  
The Economic Stabilization Fund: Origins and Historical Use
Dated: 03/03/2017 Categories: Fiscal Policy
Files: RainyDayFund_3_17.pdf (1 MB)  
TTARA Research Report: The Property Tax in Texas
Dated: 02/14/2017 Categories: Property Tax
Files: ThePropertyTaxinTexas_Final_2_6_17.pdf (1 MB)  
Understanding Chapter 313: School Property Tax Limitations and the Impact on State Finances
Dated: 01/17/2017 Categories: School Finance & Education , Property Tax , Economic Development
Files: UnderstandingChapter313_Final_Web_1_11_17.pdf (3 MB)  
Truth-in-Taxation: The Guide to How Property Tax Rates Are Set
Dated: 08/03/2016 Categories: Property Tax
Files: TTARAResearchReportTruthinTaxation_8_16.pdf (800 KB)  
TTARA Research Report August 2016
Miracle on Ice? What Low Oil Prices Mean for Texas
Dated: 03/23/2016 Categories: General
Files: TTARAResearchReport_WhatLowOilPricesMeanforTexas_3_16.pdf (913 KB)  
TTARA Research Report March 2016
Texas Taxpayers Research Report: 84th Legislative Session Wrap-up
Dated: 06/30/2015 Categories: School Finance & Education , Property Tax , Sales Tax , Franchise Tax , Fiscal Policy , Other Taxes , Economic Development
Files: 84thLegislativeSessionWrapUpNewsletter_6_15.pdf (694 KB)  
A Tale of Two Tax Systems: The High (Business) Tax Cost of Texas
Dated: 01/23/2015 Categories: General
Files: ATaleofTwoTaxSystems_TTARAReport1_2015.pdf (467 KB)  
Texas Taxpayers Research Report Number 1-15
TTARA Research Report - Evaluating Incentives: A Rational Approach
Dated: 11/05/2014 Categories: Economic Development
Files: TTARAReportEvaluatingIncentives_11_5_14.pdf (407 KB)  
Appraising the Appraisals: Local Values and Property Taxes
Dated: 07/28/2014 Categories: Property Tax
Files: TTARAAppraisalNewsletterFinal_7_28_14.pdf (478 KB)