TTARA Releases Budget Assessment

TTARA Releases Budget Assessment With the introduction of the House and Senate general appropriations acts, Senate Bill 1 and House Bill 1, and the previous release of Comptroller Hegar’s biennial revenue estimate, the money situation for the 88th Legislature has become clear and lawmakers are sitting on a record mountain of money, as detailed in…

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Fireworks Signal the Coming End of School Tax Incentives

With the authority of school districts to offer temporary incentives on certain new investments coming to an end later this month (Tax Code Chapter 313), the Comptroller has processed a record of approximately 300 applications in 2022. Unfortunately, roughly 100 other applicants have been or are being notified that the agency will be unable to…

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2023 TTARA Legislative and Tax Policy Group Meetings & Webcast Schedule

2023 TTARA Legislative and Tax Policy Group Meetings 88th Texas Legislative Session Throughout the 88th Legislative Session which convenes on January 10, 2023, we will once again hold legislative and tax policy group meetings for TTARA members only (no registration fee required). During the legislative meetings, we will review and discuss the list of bills…

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